Making Progress

Hello. Plot is an Innovation & Strategic Design consultancy. Our projects explore the relationships between how things are now, how they might transform, and how they should be for people. We see innovation as about shaping the future; strategy as about creating value; and design as a means to explore and project that. We’re here to help you to make progress.


What we do. We undertake design-research, design-strategy, and design-action assignments across all sectors of the economy; everywhere that change needs to happen: a range of peopletopic areas and we have worked with:

Economies | Education | Innovation | Media | Money | Participation | Places| Services| Startups | Strategy | Technology

Progressive Pioneers

The challenge of new. We look to who we call the Progressive Pioneers. We work with the pioneers inside organisations who want to make things happen & we work with the progressive parts of those organisations that are open to making change. We recognise that progressive pioneers face many frustrating situations. We help clients to understand how their project is situated within an organisation, how they might frame or reframe the project, how they might get traction and make things happen, so that an initiative stands a chance of success. An assignment might be to explore the context a client works in to help them to achieve progress. It might be about reaching a deeper understanding of their users /audiences /stakeholders. It might be about finding a better way to work collaboratively with a mix of disciplines. It may even be about the development of new ’things’…

Plotting is a social process

Prototyping & exploration workshops. Plot make extensive use of a workshop and prototyping approach to explore creative business strategy, innovations, propositions, products, services, and new ways of working together. We design and facilitate the work, and capture impacts and outputs. We aim to work with people, rather than for them.

Positive Human Futures

Who we are. Plot is run by Gill Wildman and Nick Durrant. We share a vision of positive human futures.